Europa, hvad nu?

Drawing Europe

Cartoonists from 28 European newspapers have interpreted the European Community at this moment - in the light of Brexit.

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Freedom of the world 1985 - 205

The world is almost as unfree as during the cold war


Are you having difficulties picturing 470,000 lives?

We have drawn one dot for every Syrian life lost in the last five years.

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92.000 dots - one for every civilian killed in Syria

As a peace process might be under way, it's too late for too many.

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This is what 160.000 refugees look like

Sweden received more than 160.000 applications for asylum last year.

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 Foto: Foto: Martin Lehmann

Politiken photographer charged with obstructing the police

A Politiken photographer was arrested while documenting refugees traversing a motorway...

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Today is a great day in German history. Denmark and Norway are occupied. Alfred Rosenberg. Foto: IP AK,CB. KEY R3,D. XMH

The diaries: Quisling sealed Denmark's WWII fate

Alfred Rosenberg, the leading Nazi ideologue, kept a diary. The diary, which had been...

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A Stand for Democracy in the Digital age

Writers from around the world are trying to fight the widespread surveillance of their citizens.

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Hesitant traveller from Syria to Sweden

Mazen is the brother of the girl who has been writing her Diary from Damascus for Politiken. He has been en route as a refugee from Syria for two months. His life has been in danger and his future uncertain. But the journey has turned the boy who left Damascus into a man. Politiken has visited him somewhere in Sweden. His 17th home since he fled Syria.

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From left: Per Stig Møller and Anders Fogh Rasmussen - foreign and prime ministers at the time of the crisis. Archive. Foto: Martin Lehmann (arkiv)

Stig Møller criticises Fogh Rasmussen

Confusion between the Prime Minister’s Office and the Foreign Ministry caused ...

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 Foto: Unceredited/AP

DK says yes to help in Syria

The Foreign Policy Committee has agreed to help the UN in Syria.

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 Foto: LENNART PREISS / AP (arkiv)/AP

Press record

The news is all a lie and there is no debate. Such is the situation in China where the...

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