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Vinterberg wins Nordic Film Prize

Danish director Thomas Vinterberg wins prize for ‘Submarino’.

Thomas Vinterberg, 41, has won the Nordic Council Film Prize for his film Submarino, which the awarding committee said was a ‘tough but deeply moving film’.

Submarino, which was released in March this year to the general applause of critics, tells the story of two brothers – one an alcoholic and the other a drug addict - and is based on a novel by Jonas T Bengtsson.

“I’m honoured,” said a beaming Vinterberg, adding that the field of good films from the other Nordic countries was highly qualified. He shares the DKK 350,000 prize with the film’s scriptwriter Tobias Lindholm and Producer Morten Kaufmann.

“I perceive the prize to be not only an appreciation of those of us behind Submarino, but of Danish film altogether,” he said.

In its citation, the awarding jury said the film: “deals with themes such as trauma, guilt and reconciliation. Submarino is a simple and yet a complex work of art, with a strong manuscript and a stylish direction. An elegant, taut and effective dramaturgy, acting presence and an intelligent use of sound and light contribute to the creation of this insightful image of human life,” the jury says.

Danish films have received the Nordic Council Film Prize four times since 2005.

The Nordic Council is the parliamentary cooperating body of the Nordic nations and encompasses Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, the Faroe Islands, Greenland and Åland.

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