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Rønn Hornbech takes Pind to task

Birthe Rønn Hornbech says EU Court decisions are a bomb under the Danish welfare system.

Birthe Rønn Hornbech (Lib), who was relieved of her post as Integration Minister two weeks ago, has taken her successor Søren Pind (Lib) to task saying that the EU Court will gradually undermine Denmark’s stringent immigration policy and force the country to rethink its welfare state.

“The development of EU law is nothing less than the Danish welfare state’s future,” Rønn Hornbech says in an OPED article in Berlingske.

Her broadside comes the day after her successor Søren Pind said that Denmark’s immigration laws were not under threat, something Rønn Hornbech also said during her time as Integration Minister.

The former minister, who was reshuffled out of the cabinet following a lengthy controversy about citizenship refusals for stateless young people, now says that EU law will be a determining factor in Danish immigration policy.

“The road forward is not to ignore the EU Court or wait for other countries. The road forward is to re-think our welfare system, which is not geared to a modern world,” Rønn Hornbech says.

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