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Denmark wants the North Pole

A leaked draft strategy for the Arctic shows Denmark out to get the North Pole

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The Danish government is planning to officially announce that it is to lay claim to the North Pole, according to a draft Danish-Faroese-Greenland strategy which Information has obtained.

The draft says that “The Kingdom is expected to lay claim to the continental shelf in five areas around the Faroe Islands and Greenland, including the North Pole itself”.

Several ministers have previously suggested that Denmark could lay claim to the North Pole, but if the draft is adopted, it will be the first time that Denmark’s official policy is to claim the Pole and puts Denmark on a collision course with other Arctic claimants.

Information writes that the North Pole is not expected to contain any major oil and gas reserves, and even if it did, the 4.3 kilometres to the sea bed would make exploration and recovery more than difficult.

It is not clear from the draft why laying claim to the North Pole is an important part of the strategy, but adds that demands will be put to the United Nations in 2014 at the latest.

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