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US impounds DK policeman’s money

A man from Funen bought Cuban cigars from Germany – the US impounded the funds

Foreign Minister Villy Søvndal is to investigate the case of a Danish policeman who bought cigars from a German company but has fallen foul of the US trade embargo against Cuba, according to Berlingske.

Funen Police Officer Torben Nødskou runs a part-time business known as Cognachuset and attempted to buy Cuban cigars from a German supplier in Hamburg when US authorities confiscated his deposit of DKK 137,000 (ca. USD25,000).

”I not feel it is reasonable for the United States to act against European companies in a case like this in which we have a legal transfer of funds between two European companies,” Søvndal tells Berlingske.

Nørskou sent his funds in dollars through the small, local Funen bank Totalbanken, but the funds were snapped up by US authorities who confiscated them. In January, the Justice Department refused to release the funds.

According to the Justice Department Nødskou had contravened the US trade embargo on Cuba, which was imposed in 1960 when Fidel Castro nationalised private property owned by Americans.

Søvndal tells Berlingske that Denmark and the European Union are against the Cuba embargo.

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