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Private industry says yes to agreement

Some 600,000 private sector employees have voted in favour of a two-year wage agreement.

Some 600,000 private sector employees have voted in favour of the new collective bargaining agreement which gives minimal wage increases to those in the Danish Confederation of Trade Unions(LO)- Confederation of Danish Employers(DA) negotiating sector this and next year.

Almost 30 per cent of employees voted in the ballot, with 69.6 per cent voting in favour of the agreement forged between the two organisations.

“I am satisfied and I think employees have done well to vote in favour despite the fact that the agreement doesn’t exactly fill purses,” says Confederation of Trade Unions Chairman Harald Børsting.

“I would like to have seen the number of those taking part was higher, but the fact that earners themselves can decide on their agreements is a healthy sign. Democratic control,” Børsting adds.

Of a total of 484,939 LO members, 141,961 actually voted. 98,219 voted in favour and 43,742 voted against.

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