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Tigers kill young man in Copenhagen Zoo

Body found with three tigers around him.

The young man who was found dead in the tiger enclosure at Copenhagen Zoo this morning appears to have died from a bite to the throat.

The police spokesman says an on-site examination of the body showed he had been bitten in several places.

“But it is probably the bite to the throat that is the cause of death,” says Police Media Coordinator Lars Borg.

The body was found early this morning by zookeepers with three tigers around him.

Borg says that papers found on the man show that he was a foreigner with a residence permit for Denmark, but police are currently investigating whether the papers actually belong to the dead man.

An initial police suggestion is that the incident may be a suicide as in order to enter the tiger enclosure he would have to scale the zoo’s fencing and a moat around the tiger enclosure.

“A lot of manoeuvres are necessary in order to get in,” Borg says.

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