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SF-Cekic insists on voting ‘No’

Özlem Cekic insists on voting against the tax reform today.

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Özlem Cekic of the Socialist People’s Party has insisted on being present in Parliament today so that she can vote against the government’s tax reform Bill, which she vehemently opposes.

“I oppose the part of the agreement that takes money from people on disability pensions, social security and early pensions to give tax reductions to the rich,” Cekic says.

The Socialist People's Party is in favour of the agreement.

Only 90 votes are needed for the Bill to be passed through the 179-seat Folketing. Agreements between the parties determine who needs to be in the House in order that voting reflects the House majority.

Cekic has been offered a cleared status – that she is one of those who need not be in Parliament - but has declined.

“In this case it is important for me to show my opposition. I strongly feel that this is not a just agreement, nor does it have social balance,” says Cekic, whose persistent opposition to the agreement has cost the MP her status as party spokeswoman on various issues and her position as chairwoman of the Social Affairs Committee.

“At some point you have to decide whether there is a limit to all the compromises you have to accept,” Cekic says.

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