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Man evicted from PM news conference

Guards removed a man from the prime minister’s Tuesday news conference.

There was a bit more excitement than usual at the prime minister’s weekly news conference today as guards escorted an unidentified man out of the prime minister’s office newsroom.

The man was asked to leave the room after the political editor of Radio24syv Jesper Termansen asked the prime minister a question about the tax case.

“It’s just not bloody right for journalists to ask the prime minister to answer questions about the tax case,” the man shouted at Termansen.

He also handed a note to a somewhat surprised Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt. According to an officer, the note said the man planned to take over power in Denmark.

Guards reacted quickly, relatively calmly escorting the indignant man out of the room. It remains uncertain how he got through the security arrangements to get into the news conference, which is normally reserved for journalists.

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