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DK to vote yes for Palestinian UN upgrade

Foreign Minister Søvndal confirms Danish support

Denmark will be voting in favour of upgrading the Palestinian status at the United Nations when the issue comes to the vote during the General Assembly in New York on Thursday, the foreign ministry has announced.

“I am happy to announce that Denmark will vote in favour when the text comes to the vote on Thursday,” Søvndal said in a communique, adding that the resolution text put forward on Tuesday was a moderate one.

“The text underlines the need for peace negotiations and a negotiated two-state solution that can ensure Palestinians a viable state alongside Israel in security,” the foreign minister added.

He added that focus on Israel’s security was decisive for the Danish government.

“The government will work towards this historical decision at the United Nations to create new momentum in the peace process and urges the parties to immediately engage in real negotiations on a two-state solution. This is the only possibility for both Palestinians and Israelis to achieve lasting security and welfare,” Søvndal said.

Søvndal’s statements came shortly after Denmark’s Conservatives and Liberals urged the centre-left government to vote in favour of the upgrade from that of an observer, to that of a non-member observer state.

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