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Bandidos warning – don’t buy

The Bandidos has issued a warning to those planning to buy their jewellery

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The Bandidos Europe President Michael Rosenvold has issued a warning to those considering purchasing jewellery confiscated by the Tax Authority from a Bandidos member and put up for auction.

“Although the jewellery has been taken from one of our members, the three items with our logo on them belong to the Bandidos and are our brand. As such, they belong to the Bandidos. Only full members of the Bandidos may wear them,” Rosenvold tells Ekstra Bladet.

“Someone buying them can put themselves in an unfortunate situation as they are offending the Bandidos. I strongly advise people not to bid for these items,” he adds.

The items concerned were confiscated by the Tax Authority from a biker with a major backtax ticket and are due to be auctioned by the Bruun Rasmussen auctioneers in Copenhagen this afternoon.

They include a gold chain with a diamond studded Mexican figure carrying a sword, pistol and wearing spurs and valued at DKK40,000. Apart from three heavy gold and rubber chains sporting Bandidos markings, the collection includes rings, key rings and arm chains, several of which are diamond studded.

One of the chains has a total gold weight of just under a kilo and is valued at DKK150,000,with a bid of DKK125,000 already in house on the Bruun Rasmussen website.

Bruun Rasmussen normally declines to auction items from the biker or neo-Nazi environment, but given a request from the Tax Authority agreed to put the items to auction.

“When the Tax Authority approaches us to sell items, we are prepared to do so,” Bruun Rasmussen Valuer and Sales Director Kasper Nielsen tells

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