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Kalundborg water polluted

Polluted with E-coli

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Some 250 households in the Kalundborg Council region are unable to drink mains water, flush lavatories or to use the public water supply to bathe in due to a major infection with E-coli bacteria.

Water tankers have been placed in the area where the public can collect water supplies.

Director of Kalundborg Water Supply Torben Jørgensen says that the mains water supply is believed to have become polluted as a result of a waste water drain leak.

The problem was first reported last Thursday when several children at a kindergarden were reported sick. The public was initially advised by sms to boil water but during the weekend, after the health inspector was informed of an increasing number of cases, water supplies were stopped.

“We’re continually rinsing (the pipes) and battling to clean the system,” Jørgensen says, adding that water analyses have shown that the concentration of bacteria is being reduced.

The results of new analyses are expected this afternoon, but the local Water Board is unable to say when supplies will return to normal.

“It will certainly take a couple of days yet. Possibly not until Thursday as one of the tests takes three days to complete,” Jørgensen says adding it is hoped that supplies will return to normal by Monday: “But you can never promise anything in these sorts of cases,” he says.

It is not immediately clear how many people have been reported sick as a result of the leakage.

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