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Officer stable after shooting incident

An officer who was shot while trying to stop smugglers is stable

One man was killed, two others including a police officer were injured and a third man arrested unharmed yesterday following a shooting incident in which a police unit stopped a group of suspected smugglers in Aalbæk in N. Jutland.

According to the Security and Intelligence Service, the officer, who was seriously wounded, is now in a stable condition. He was part of a special police unit which is deployed in high risk operations.

Police, who had been monitoring Aalbæk harbour yesterday, were engaged in an exchange of fire with the group at around 9 p.m. as the men, who were suspected of trying to smuggle narcotics, attempted to escape in a boat.

The incident is now to be investigated by the independent Police Complaints Authority.

The condition of the wounded suspected smuggler is not immediately available.

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