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Lidl finds horsemeat traces in pasta

Lidl has found traces of horsemeat in pasta meals.

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The Lidl supermarket chain in Denmark has announced that it has found traces of horsemeat in its Combino Penne Bolognese from Copack and has withdrawn the product from its shelves.

The disclosure follows similar announcements in Finland, where similar traces were found in beef goulash and ravioli, and a release in Sweden in connection with the penne Bolognese meal and a goulash soup product.

Lidl says it has been analysing its meat products since the first reports of meat-swapping emerged in the media over a week ago.

In Denmark, the chain said its initial analyses showed that there could be horsemeat in the product mentioned and it was therefore being withdrawn from the market. The chain emphasised that there is no health risk in connection with the products.

Customers who still have the product are able to get a refund.

Dagens Nyheter in Sweden quoted the Lidl spokeswoman there as saying that the goulash soup being withdrawn was produced by the German company Dreistern. The Danish and Swedish Combino Penne Bolognese line was produced by another German company.

In Finland, the Finnish broadcasting corporation YLE said the ravioli sold by Lidl and being removed from shelves had been produced by the French company William Saurin.

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