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Bendtner gets massive fine for drink-drive

Nicklas Bendtner has been ordered to pay 842,000 kr. for a drink-drive offence.

Copenhagen Municipal Court has sentenced Arsenal striker Nicklas Bendtner, currently on loan to Juventus, for drunken driving.

The court sentenced Bendtner to pay DKK 842,000 (EUR 113,000) in fines, a ban on driving in Denmark for three years as well as being ordered to pay court and blood test costs.

The sentence came after police stopped Bendtner on Saturday night driving on the wrong side of the road in central Copenhagen and with a blood alcohol level of 1.74. Bendtner’s British driving licence was also found to have expired.

Prosecutor Bo Kluxen had argued for the large fine due to Bendtner’s high earnings.

Bendtner’s defence attorney Michael Juul Jensen argued that fines of the magnitude being called for had never previously been handed down in Denmark.

The Danish Football Association has already handed Bendtner a six month national side quarantine for the offence.

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