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Prepare for a Danish heat wave

Light winds, high temperatures and no rain on the agenda for the coming week.

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For those thinking about what to do this coming weekend, know that a high pressure heat wave – Danish fashion – is on its way, and will probably remain over the country for a week.

According to the Met Office, this weekend in particular will be serving up hours of sunshine and temperatures of up to 28 degrees in places. A heat wave in Denmark is defined as three days in a row with temperatures of over 25 degrees.

“It may not be a regular heat wave, but it’s going to be really hot throughout the country,” says Duty Meteorologist Lars Henriksen.

The warm, dry weather is also expected to continue into next week.

“Looking into next week, the summer weather is going to continue,” says Henriksen, adding that it will continue dry and with light northerly and westerly winds.

“It will be hottest around east and south-facing coastlines,” he says.

In 2013, Denmark has 243 beaches, 55 marinas and 13 centres which fly the Blue Flag.

The Blue Flag is awarded each year to beaches which fulfil pre-determined criteria on clean bathing water, lifesaving and first aid equipment, emergency telephone on the beach or nearby, lifeguards (in the summertime), environmental education activities, information about local eco-systems and nature, toilet facilities, waste facilities and handicap facilities.

DOCUMENTATION: See Blue Flag beaches near you HERE (External link).

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