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Exclusive: Politiken finds a Breda train that actually works

Ansaldo-Breda’s IC4 trains may all have their problems, but Politiken’s ubiquitous back page has found a Breda train that really works.

If the national Danish railway carrier DSB was looking for an Italian train that actually works – it need not have ordered dozens of IC4 trains from AnsaldoBreda in Italy – but could simply have taken one of its own Kystbanen trains to Rungsted up the coast from Copenhagen.

There, Politiken’s back page has discovered an AnsaldoBreda model called K 582 that not only looks good, but also seems to work rather well – at least according to Henning Pedersen. OK, it may be 113 years old and runs on coal, but it faithfully starts even on cold mornings and just keeps on chuf-chuf-chuffing.

“Well it may not exploit the full potential of its fuel, and it may pollute somewhat more. But it does actually work,” says Loco Driver Henning Pedersen of the 72-ton locomotive.

“A practical train with a solid construction and you never get tired of driving it,” he says lovingly of a model that was built in 1900 and was the fastest locomotive of its time, with a maximum speed of 100 km/h.

It was actually built at the same factory that has built the IC4 train, Pedersen says with a twinkle in his eye.

And as far as is known, K 582 was delivered on time.

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