The runic stones in Jelling are in bad shape and in danger of cracking.

The runic stones in Jelling are in bad shape and in danger of cracking.

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Jelling stones in danger

There are cracks in Denmark’s UNESCO World Heritage Runic Stones.

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Denmark’s famous 10th century Runic Stones at Jelling are in danger of cracking, according to the National Museum.

Since the stones have been determined a World Heritage Site, UNESCO has been informed of the danger.

The state of preservation of the stones is said to be critical. The smallest of the stones, which bears the inscription “King Gormr made this monument in memory of Thyrvé, his wife, Denmark's salvation” is said to be highly critical.

The UNESCO World Heritage List includes 878 properties in 145 states.

Denmark has three sites: the Jelling Mounds, Runic Stones and Church which were added in 1994; Roskilde Cathedral which was added in 1995 and Kronborg Castle in Elsinore which was added in 2000. In Greenland, the Ilulissat Icefjord was added to the list in 2004.

Several other properties are on UNESCO's Tentative List. They are:

In Denmark:
Amalienborg and its district
The International Wadden Sea

In Greenland:
The church ruin at Hvalsø, the Episcopal residence at Gardar and Brattahlid
Aasivissuit, Arnangarnup Qoorua

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