NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen under fire at home in Denmark following the most recent WikiLeak leak. Archive.

NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen under fire at home in Denmark following the most recent WikiLeak leak. Archive.

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Opposition: Fogh R. horse trading

The opposition is criticising NATO’s secretary-general for horse trading with Turkey.

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The Socialist People’s Party and the Red Greens have reacted strongly to WikiLeak disclosures suggesting that former Prime Minister and current NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen allegedly made promises to Turkey in order to win his current post.

One of the documents in the most recent WikiLeak collection involves minutes of a meeting on Feb. 18 said to be between the US Deputy Sec. of State William Burns and his Turkish counterpart Feridun Sinirlioglu. The latter is said to have expressed his dissatisfaction with Fogh Rasmussen not having lived up to a promise to close a Kurdish TV station operating in Denmark.

According to the document, Fogh Rasmussen also promised that one of the deputy secretaries-general for NATO would be from Turkey. At the time of the meeting, that promise had not been fulfilled, although Ambassador Hüseyin Diriöz, the chief foreign policy adviser to the Turkish president, was appointed as deputy secretary-general responsible for defence and planning in July this year and took over his post on August 1.

Commenting on the alleged promise to close the Kurdish Roj-TV, which has operated out of Denmark and been the target of repeated Turkish demands to close the station, Socialist People’s Party Foreign Policy Spokesman Holger Nielsen expressed his distaste.

“I’m not surprised and this was just a dirty bit of horse trading. The fact that he doesn’t have the right to close Roj-TV doesn’t make the issue any prettier,” Nielsen says.

The Red-Greens have also reacted to the reports, calling the Justice and Foreign Ministers into council on the issue.

“This is a very serious case as it is all about respect for the division of power. If the government has accepted an agreement with Turkey and then actively exerted pressure to have charges brought against Roj-TV, that is a clear contravention of the constitutional rules on the division of power,” says the Red Green’s Frank Aaen of the division between the legislative, executive and judicial powers.

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    En artikel på, der fastslår, at et flertal mener, at medierne har for meget magt i Danmark, bygger desværre på et mangelfuldt grundlag. Konklusioner og procentandele i artiklen, som blev publiceret 22. juli kl. 22.15 samt i den trykte avis 23. juli,  er dermed forkerte.

    Ved en fejl var to kategorier gledet ud, da Megafon stillede spørgsmålet: Hvilke(n) gruppe(r) synes du har for meget magt i det danske samfund. De manglende kategorier er ’Erhvervslivets top’ og ’Embedsværket’.

    Politiken beklager fejlen og har bestilt en ny meningsmåling med det oprindelige, komplette sæt spørgsmål.