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World double-bass record attempt

Tivoli is planning a world record for double bassists…

News in English

When Tivoli opens its doors to the Bass2012 Copenhagen congress on August 14, the amusement and entertainment park in the centre of Copenhagen is looking to set a new world record.

The orchestra that will be playing is composed of 100 double-basses which Tivoli proudly says is the largest number of double-basses that have ever played together. The event is to be sent in to the Guinness Book of Records, which will study the annals of things biggest and smallest to check the claim.

“We are really excited that Tivoli will be able to take part in Bass2012..and particularly to see 100 double-basses playing together for the opening concert,” says Tivoli Music Executive Henrik Engelbrecht.

For those interested in seeing the event, the 100 booming and vibrating basses will be playing in Tivoli on August 14 at 16.30.

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