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Royal yacht and fighters searching Kattegat

Air space in the Kattegat temporarily closed

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A major air and sea search is currently under way in the Kattegat to try and find two 18-year-olds who are believed to have sailed into the waterway on Monday evening and who have not been seen since.

Admiral Fleet Denmark (SOK) has closed the airspace in the area due to the large number of search aircraft.

“We closed the airspace in the area of the search about an hour ago as we have so many search aircraft in the area,” Capt. Jesper Rasmussen, press officer at SOK said just after noon.

The area of the search is around Juelsminde, Æbelø and Samsø.

“Our patrol vessels Freja and Nymfen ave been deployed. The Royal Yacht Dannebrog is also taking part as well as rescue helicopters from Skrydstrup, Aalborg and Roskilde as well as a Challenger aircraft and an F-16,” Rasmussen said, adding that many other vessels, aircraft and authorities were also taking part in the search.

The two young men are believed to have sailed into windy weather with choppy seas on Monday evening in a small black rubber dinghy.

“The weather has not been good. It’s been windy and we believe they sailed out in a two to three metre black rubber dinghy,” Rasmusen says, adding the size of the dinghy makes searches difficult as it is a small craft and difficult to see in the dark.

“If you are unlucky, it can capsize,” he says. It is not clear whether the two were wearing life jackets.

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