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Warning of vicious undercurrents on west coast

Police have had to rescue two men who couldn’t get back to the beach.

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Central and West Jutland Police are warning summer bathers to be wary of strong undercurrents on west coast beaches following two separate incidents in which bathers have been unable to get back to land.

The first incident took place at Bjerregaard Strand south of Hvide Sande; “Several tourists telephoned from the beach and we had to send out a helicopter to rescue the man,” says Duty Officer Ole Vanghøj.

A second identical incident took place soon afterwards at Ferring Strand near Bovbjerg Lighthouse.

“The same thing happened. A man was unable to get back to the beach,” Vanghøj adds.

Police are urging west coast bathers to be cautious along the west coast due to heavy undercurrents.

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