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Gunfight in Nørrebro

There has been a daylight gunfight in the Nørrebro district. Police have bocks have blanketed the area.

A gunfight broke out just before 3 p.m. on Lundtoftegade in the Nørrebro district in what appears to be part of the ongoing biker-immigrant war.

“One person has possibly been hit in the arm,” says the Copenhagen Police Chief Investigator Peter Steffensen.

Return fire
According to eyewitnesses a man began shooting at a group of youths on the street outside a building. The young men sought safety in between housing while the gunman made his escape on foot.

Eyewitnesses told an Ekstra Bladet reporter that the young people reappeared shortly afterwards – this time most of them fully armed – and began shooting.

30 shots
An anonymous eyewitness told that the original gunman, who let off four shots, was wearing a black woolen hat. He said that some 30 shots were fired back before police arrived on the scene some 20 minutes later.

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