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Greenland votes in favour of self-rule

A full 75 percent of Greenland voters vote in favour of self-rule.

Yesterday's referendum on self-rule for Greenland gave a massive 'yes' vote in favour of a new self-rule arrangement, with Greenland authorities reporting 75.54 percent in favour and 23.57 percent against.

Of a total of 39,285 eligible voters, 71.9 percent took part in the vote - an unusually high turnout for Greenland.

The referendum paves the way for Greenland to take over more of the administrative tasks of the world's largest island, as well as taking over full ownership of its resources.

Greenland's veteran politician Lars-Emil Johansen said the result was better than he had envisaged.

"The nation has now spoken. Now it's not just two Greenland members of the (Danish) Folketing who are talking about independence," Johansen said, adding that he saw the referendum result as a step on the road to full independence.

He went on to thank Danish parties and in particular Prime MInister Anders Fogh Rasmussen for support in developing the self-rule model that has now been carried at referendum.

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