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Danish vessel detains pirates

The Danish support vessel Absalon has detained five Somali pirates.

The Danish support vessel Absalon, which currently heads Task Force 150 operations in the Gulf of Aden has detained five Somali pirates after sinking their vessel, according to Admiral Danish Fleet.

The Absalon detained the pirates after a dramatic incident in the Gulf of Aden, during which pirates attacked a Netherlands-flagged vessel. The crew were able to repulse the pirates, setting fire to their skiff with an emergency flare, after which the pirates abandoned ship and were picked up by the Absalon.

The burning skiff was then sunk by fire from the Absalon.

The last time that Absalon detained Somali pirates, it was forced to release them on the Somali coast as Denmark determined it had no jurisdiction to bring the pirates to trial. It is unclear what will happen to the pirates detained on Friday.

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