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Shootings continue in Copenhagen

There have been another three shootings over the weekend – two in the Nørrebro district of Copenhagen and another in Amager. Two are dead.

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One man was killed on Sunday night in Amager, another shot and killed on Friday and yet another shot and seriously wounded on Saturday in the Nørrebro district of Copenhagen as a spate of shootings in the capital continues.

Police remain without clues as to the attackers in all three cases, and three men who were detained in connection with Saturday’s episode were released again. The three, who were all wearing bulletproof vests, were driving near the scene of one of the attacks in a black Polo vehicle, but police said they could not be connected to the shooting.

In Sunday evening’s shooting, two masked men forced a man outside a café to lie on the pavement after which the door to the café was opened and some ten shots were fired into the premises, hitting three people, one of whom died..

“First they stopped one man outside and forced him onto the ground at gunpoint, after which one of the men opened the door to the café and shot about ten times hitting three people, one of whom died. Afterwards, they briefly discussed whether to kill the man on the pavement before shooting him in the knee and buttock before making off," the head of the Copenhagen Police Special Unit for Gang Crime Henrik Svindt tells Ritzau.

In Saturday evening’s shooting, two men coasting in a rented vehicle looking for a parking space prior to going to a concert, were accosted by three cyclists. Shots were fired and one of the two men in the car took a bullet in his back. His condition is described as critical but stable.

In Friday’s episode a 25-year-old man was killed when unknown assailants let loose a rain of automatic weapons fire.

Police say that neither of the victims of the weekend’s shootings in Nørrebro had any connection to an ongoing gang war between bikers and immigrant gangs, with police suggesting the attacks were a mistake.

Sunday’s episode appears less clear, as the café in question is close to a Hells Angels Club and is known to be a haunt of AK81 members. AK81 is a support group of the Hells Angels, but police have not released details of those targeted in the attack.

Task force
The current gang war between bikers and immigrant gangs has been going on for several months and has prompted the Copenhagen police to set up a dedicated 35-man task force to attempt to stop open-street attacks.

But the extra patrols do not seem to have been enough, and the Copenhagen police is considering applying for reinforcements from other police districts.

“One of the first things we will be doing on Monday is to find out whether we should be doing things differently,” says Copenhagen Police Chief Superintedant Per Larsen.

But he adds that it can be almost impossible to find perpetrators.

“If you really want to do something as crazy as what’s going on at the moment, it’s like finding a needle in a haystack. However many officers we put on the job, we cannot guarantee it won’t happen again,” Larsen says.

Rescue personnel afraid
At the same time it seems that victims of shootings may have to wait longer for rescue services to attend to the wounded.

Inhabitants at the Mjølnerparken Estate in the Nørrebro district have complained that a medical ambulance waited up to ten minutes before attending to a victim. The ambulance waited until police arrived and secured the area.

But the police, fire and rescue services are in agreement that in cases of serious danger, ambulance personnel should wait for an area to be secured before attending a victim.

“If rescue personnel are hit, they are unable to help anyone,” says Parliamentary Health Committee Chairman Preben Rudegaard.

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