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Israel-Sweden Davis Cup readiness

Swedish police have had to borrow vehicles from Denmark as they prepare for a controversial Davis Cup match between Israel and Sweden in Malmö.

Swedish police have been sticking their own livery on Danish police vehicles in recent days as they prepare for a Davis Cup match between Israel and Sweden that is to be played behind closed doors and without spectators for fear of demonstrations.

Malmö police has borrowed some 12 police buses and a lorry from Danish police as part of their preparedness arrangements for the match in the Baltiske Hal in Malmö. The vehicles have reinforced glass that can withstand flagstones.

A large number of anti-Israeli demonstrations – from leftist groups to a neo-Nazi group – are expected, with some 10,000 people expected to demonstrate against the match.

Demonstrators are complaining about the match due to Israel’s recent incursion in Gaza. A ‘Stop the Match’ campaign’ has been under way in Sweden since the incursion.

Demonstrators have already suggested that they will attempt to blockade entrances to the Baltiska Hallen in order to postpone the match.

The Sydsvenskan newspaper reports this morning that a police helicopter has already begun circling the area as a small group of demonstrators have taken up position near the hall.

Asked whether she expected trouble in connection with the match, Anna Eriksson of the International Solidarity Movement told Sydsvenskan: “Ask them,” as she pointed to the police.

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