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Copper battle glee on Facebook

Police officers express their glee on Facebook about battles with Polish football fans.

Police officers from the Western Copenhagen Force have been using Facebook to express their glee at having gone into action against Polish football fans last week. 113 people were detained.

The national broadcaster DR has received a screen dump of a Facebook page in which the first debating officer says:

“He he – finally some soccer idiots who were serious and didn’t tuck their tails in between their legs when they saw the police – some of them probably regret that today?.”

Another officer retorts: “Who said pepper…… Denmark – Poland 1-0” – seemingly referring to the fact that officers used pepper spray during the unrest. Several other officers retort that police had ‘danced with the Poles’ – an expression used by hooligans to mean fighting.

Senior officers
Senior officers are unhappy with the disclosures that show officers rejoicing at violent episodes with the public.

“This is unacceptable. They will be called in and told so,” Assistant Commissioner Ib Meng tells DR.

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