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Iraq asks Denmark to reconsider

The Iraqi vice-president has urged Denmark to reconsider forcibly repatriating rejected asylum seekers.

Iraq’s vice-president has urged Denmark to reconsider the forced repatriation of Iraqis whose requests for asylum in Denmark have been refused.

The call, made during a meeting between Vice-President Tarik al-Hashimi and Denmark’s Ambassador to Baghdad Mikael Winther, is reported on al-Hashimi’s website.

During the meeting, al-Hashimi is reported to have told Winther that the Danish government should think carefully about forcibly repatriating Iraqis until conditions for their voluntary return have improved; this irrespective of Iraq’s need for people to reconstruct and develop the country.

The report says that the Iraqi government has received numerous letters and telephone calls from Iraqis living in Denmark calling for Iraq to intervene with the Danish government on humanitarian grounds and to reconsider the issue of forced repatriation.

Ambassador Winther confirms in an interview with DR Nyheder that the meeting took place, but has declined to discuss its content as it is a political issue that is being handled by the Ministry for Integration.

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