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Dear smoker: How about a visual look at how much you’ve smoked in your life so far..?

4. december 2019
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You know all about it.

You’ve heard every piece of argument regarding your health, your money, your children.

You know about cancer and cardiovascular disease. Your teeth. Your smell. Your ever-growling throat. The slightly grayish color in the mirror. The fatigue in the morning.

In other respects of life you consider yourself a fairly enlightened person, but when it comes to cigarettes it’s like every piece of sanity is just tucked away in a tiny dark place somewhere.

You just love to smoke.

I know because I am you. A fellow smoker who had countless inner conversations about quitting. Let’s do it. As if we’re more than one with the decision power.

But it’s just me. And I’m still smoking.

So I had this thought. When all the fine health bound arguments just won’t do the trick - how about turning it upside down a bit. And let my eyes see just how many cigarettes I’ve smoked in my lifetime so far. Visual proof, I think you’d call it.

I’ve played along with that thought and made the world's arguably first cigarette pack zoom machine.

Tell me how many smokes you’ve smoked on average per day and for how many years, and let’s zoom out across the landscape.

I actually feel this has had an effect on me. So maybe it can shake you up a bit too.

It wouldn’t hurt to try.


  • The price of a pack of cigarettes is set to an average of 7 US dollars.
  • The average smoking time per cigarette is set to 4 minutes.
  • The zoom gimmick in this visualisation is inspired by Chris Jordans running the numbers-series.
  • The smoke-animation is borrowed from Beast @ opengameart.com

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