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Germany demands hate music extradition

Two men have been detained for having released right wing and racist music. Germany applies for extradition.

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The court in Elsinore has remanded two men accused by Germany of releasing illegal music.

The German authorities suspect the two of selling right-wing music south of the Danish-German border.

Neo-nazi music The public prosecutor in Frankfurt, Germany has applied for the extradition of the two men – a Dane and a German - and has issued a European warrant for their arrest. The warrant allows the two men to be extradited without the court having to determine whether they have broken Danish law.

Also illegal in Denmark
The Danish Chief Prosecutor Arne Stevns, however, suggests that actions by the two men are also illegal in Denmark.

“After we have seen the evidence, we think that this also falls under the racism paragraphs of Danish criminal law,” Stevns says. The Ministry of Justice now has to determine whether the two men can be extradited, before extradition hearings can be held.

Denmark has previously accommodated German calls for extradition on the grounds of Nazi propaganda. In 1995 Denmark extradited Gary Lauck, the head of the international Nazi organization NSDAP/AO. Lauck had produced Nazi publications from his base in Lincoln, Nebraska and was arrested during a visit to friends in Denmark.

Germany declines

Germany, however, has repeatedly refused to extradite Søren Kam, a Dane who now has German nationality and who is wanted in Denmark for war crimes committed during Germany’s wartime occupation of Denmark. Germany claims that the Kam case comes under the Statute of Limitations.

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