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Minister-vs-Directorate battle continues

The Danish Immigration Service and the Minister for Integration still at odds over family reunions.

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The Danish Immigration Service still says that two weeks’ work in another EU country is enough to allow Danes to bring their foreign spouses to Denmark. The Service is therefore seriously at odds with its own minister, who has forced the agency to remove the information from its website.

According to an Immigration Service report to the Ombudsman, the Service requires only ‘a couple of weeks’ work in another EU country in order for a Dane to be able to bring a foreign spouse to Denmark.

No definite rule On the other hand, Integration Minister Birthe Rønn Hornbech says that there are no guidelines giving a couple of weeks residence and work in another EU country to allow family reunions.

“We have told them (Ed: the Immigration Service) that that is not the legal view. We have been saying the same thing all along at the ministry. The Immigration Service has never said anything about six weeks or ten months,” the minister said in an interview with TV2 News.

“I have absolutely no responsibility for the fact that people have had to live abroad for several years – if that’s the case. There has never been a definitive period,” Birthe Rønn Hornbech told TV2 News.

A couple of weeks

But the Immigration Service lawyers beg to disagree.

In its final report to the Ombudsman, the Service determines a very precise length of time for the length of time that a Dane must have worked in another EU country in order to be reunited with a non-EU citizen.

“It is therefore normally a condition that there has been employment of at least a couple of weeks and for a minimum of 10-12 hours each week,” the Immigration Service says.

Edited by Julian Isherwood

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