COP15: Developing country boycott averted

After meeting Climate Summit Minister Connie Hedegaard, the first climate crisis of the day has been averted.

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Another drama has been averted today at the Climate Summit in Copenhagen, where the African and poorer countries are reported to have temporarily boycotted meetings on the future of the Kyoto Agreement.

But after a meeting with Climate Summit Minister Connie Hedegaard, negotiators decided to resume talks, according to TV2.

African countries in particular have been incensed in recent days over what they see as the meagre progress of the summit and in particular the funding so far on the table. At the same time, they are unhappy with the reluctance among industrialised nations to prolong the Kyoto Agreement.

As a result, the countries decided to boycott further meetings on the future of Kyoto, but have now resumed meetings.

Edited by Julian Isherwood

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