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COP15: Activists back to Climate Prison

233 activists detained

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Danish police have again vacuumed the streets of activists after finding effects they believed would be used to cause trouble.

A demonstration that began at Trianglen earlier in the day, ended at Østerport station with the detention of 233 activists, eight of whom are to be charged with weapons, narcotics or violence offences. The demonstration had not been notified beforehand

Although police have the right to hold the 233 in detention for 12 hours, Police Spokesman Flemming Steen Munch says they will only be held for six as there was no unrest leading up to the detentions.

“We noticed that they had equipment in their vehicle and some of the demonstrators were wearing equipment, and we felt that they would be using it,” Minch says.

The demonstrators had planned to march on Nordhavnen harbour and close it.

According to the police, officers found stones, shin pads, cudgel-type weapons, gas masks and wire cutters.

Today’s arrests follow other mass arrests yesterday during which almost one thousand demonstrators were held. Most, however, were released again this morning.

Edited by Julian Isherwood

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