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COP15 Day 9: Climate chaos closes station

For the second day in a row the Bella Center metro station was temporarily closed because of the morning pressure from too many people trying to get to the Climate Summit.

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Instead, the Metro has suggested that people get off at the Sundby or Ørestad stations.

“For safety reasons, the police has asked us to temporarily close the station for an hour until the pressure has subsided,” says Metro Press Spokesman Kåre Møller Madsen.

Chaos yesterday
Today is the second day that police have closed the Bella Center station. Yesterday , police asked for the station to be closed as several thousand people were standing in line to get their admission badges to the centre.

Some had to wait up to six hours to get inside the Bella Center where there is room for 15,000 people.

But more than 45,000 have accredited themselves to the conference, including 22,000 participants from Non-Governmental Organisations.

Fewer grass roots
But access for grass root participants has now been reduced, with only 7,000 being allowed in today and tomorrow and only 1,000 when heads of state and government arrive on Thursday. No NGO’s will be allowed in the premises at the conclusion of the summit on Friday.

The United Nations has apologised for the long waiting times and says in a news release that everything is being done in collaboration with the police to prevent delays and waiting at the Bella Center entrance.

Edited by Julian Isherwood

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