Police detain 12 Roma

Roma group detained in Amager.

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Following reports that groups of Roma are in Copenhagen, with some engaged in criminal activities, the Lord Mayor of Copenhagen called in today’s Politiken for police to act more decisively.

In what is said by police to be a coincidental swoop, 12 Roma who were living in a disused post office were arrested early this morning.

“We have arrested 12 and charged them with illegal entry in a disused building,” says Duty Officer Mads Bach Hammer who adds that he had not been aware of Tuesday’s newspaper reports. “We have been keeping an eye on them,” he adds.

The head of the Copenhagen Council’s Homeless Group says that there are between 200 and 400 Roma in Copenhagen at the moment. Some live off pick-pocketing, break-ins and cons while others, who do not commit crimes, live off collecting empty bottles.

Those arrested today are 10 men and two women. It is unclear what will happen to them, apart from being charged with illegal entry and liable to a fine.

As EU citizens, they can only be deported if they do not have enough money to support themselves, or if they have been arrested for theft or similar crime.

Edited by Julian Isherwood

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