Danes support drug cabins

A clear majority of Danes support the idea of injection cabins for addicts.

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The latest opinion poll shows that a clear majority of Danes on both sides of the political spectrum, support the idea of providing legal drug injection cabins for addicts.

According to the Gallup poll for Berlingske Tidende more than 70% of Danes support the idea. A similar proposal in April was thrown out by a majority composed of the Liberal, Conservative, Danish People’s and Liberal Alliance parties.

“We cannot simply let addicts die from overdoses and addiction, when we know that cabins save lives,” says Social Democratic Health Spokeswoman Sophie Hæstorp Andersen. The Socialist People’s Party also supports the idea.

In 2008, 239 Danish addicts died of an overdose. In 2009 an EU survey seemed to show Denmark with one of the highest narcotics mortality rates in Europe.

The Gallup poll showed that the main support for injection cabins was among opposition voters, but even among the government and Danish People’s Party voters, some 60-65 percent said they were in favour.

According to the report in Berlingske Tidende, the Danish People’s Party is still opposed to the idea, and Home Affairs and Health Minister Bertel Haarder (Lib) says in an email to the newspaper that the government does not intend to change its narcotics policy.

Edited by Julian Isherwood

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