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Roma to sue Denmark

A group of Roma is to sue Denmark for unjust expulsion.

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The European Roma Rights Centre (ERRC) in Budapest is to sue Denmark claiming unjust expulsion of 23 Roma who were deported from Denmark last month for squatting in a disused post office and camping on Amager Fælled, according to Information.

“We are preparing a case against Denmark for unjust expulsion on behalf of the Roma. We are still evaluating the case and collecting information, but we expect to claim that the expulsions run contrary to Danish and EU laws,” the ERRC’s Robert Kushen tells Information.

The ERRC, which enjoys EU funding, was set up to monitor human rights conditions for European Roma and initiate legal proceedings in the case of violations. The centre has a team of international legal advisers that has closely followed the Danish case.

A centre adviser has been in Romania to interview the 23 Roma.

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