Parties battle over bare breasts

The Danish People’s Party wants pictures of bare breasts in an introduction film to scare away fundamentalists.

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Topless Danish girls have come in between the Conservative and Danish People’s (DPP) parties following a DPP call for a new introductory film about Denmark for prospective immigrants to include pictures of bare female breasts.

The Conservative Integration Spokesman Naser Khader, however, says that pictures of topless girls on a Danish beach would hardly scare extremists away from applying to stay in Denmark.

“Bare breasts are not a protection against fundamentalism,” Khader says on his Facebook page.

“Quite on the contrary. Fundamentalists as so sex crazy that bare breasts would make them flock to the country. Perhaps one should try naked pigs and pork – that’ll keep them away...” Khader says.

The Danish People’s Party Spokesman Peter Skaarup has explained that in the Netherlands, where a similar film has been shown, they show the naked truth about what can be seen on a beach.

“There are of course a lot of other things that show what it is to be Danish, and I’m sure that the film-maker has found them. But I reckon that if you can’t stand seeing a couple of Danish breasts, you probably won’t come here,” Skaarup tells Berlingske Tidende.

On the other hand, when asked whether bare-breasted Danish men should also be in the film, Skaarup says he doesn’t want to ‘play director’.

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