PM reprimands Gaddafi

The Danish prime minister condemns Libya’s attacks against civilians.

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Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen (Lib) says he is deeply concerned at the situation in Libya.

“Popular protests have been met with violence. It is deeply, deeply disturbing. I condemn in the strongest terms what is completely unacceptable violence that we have witnessed in Libya in recent days,” Løkke Rasmussen said during his weekly news conference in Copenhagen.

At the same time he said that Col. Gaddafi’s statements on the European Union are unacceptable.

“There is every reason to sharply distance oneself from Gaddafi’s completely unacceptable statements about suspending refugee cooperation with the European Union if the EU continues to support Libya’s pro-democracy groups,” the prime minister says.

Although precise information on the situation in Libya is difficult to get due to a ban on foreign journalists, the prime minister says that information that has come out of the country points to ‘a serious escalation’.

Edited by Julian Isherwood


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