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ROJ-Tv on Intelsat

ROJ-Tv and Intelsat have reached a transmission agreement.

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The Copenhagen-based Kurdish television station ROJ-tv has reached agreement with the Greek satellite carrier Intelsat to broadcast its signals to Kurdish-speaking regions in Turkey, the Balkans and the Middle East.

Viewers in Western Europe and Scandinavia are still only able to follow broadcasts on the Internet although the company says a new satellite will also soon be available for these audiences.

ROJ-Tv has been looking for a new carrier after its previous one announced it was to stop broadcasts as a result of a Copenhagen court ruling that ROJ-Tv was a mouthpiece for the Kurdish separatist organisation PKK. The PKK is on the EU and U.S. lists of terrorist organisations.

For technical legal reasons the court was unable to stop station broadcasts and its broadcasting licence has not been withdrawn.

The Danish Radio and Television Board, however, has opened an investigation into ROJ-Tv which may end with the withdrawal of its broadcasting licence. Apart from studying broadcasts, the Board will also be investigating information in court that the station’s main editorial decisions are taken in Belgium.

ROJ-Tv has appealed the Copenhagen Municipal Court verdict to the Eastern High Court.

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