Unemployment up again

February saw a further 3,000 unemployed

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The latest figures from Statistics Denmark show an increase of 3,000 unemployed in February, giving an overall figure of 164,200 unemployed, with the unemployment rate having increased 0.1 percentage point from 6.1 to 6.2 per cent.

Statistics Denmark has also revised its January figures upwards. There were 161,200, or 6.1 per cent unemployed in January.

The increase in unemployment in February has affected both men and women - with the number of unemployed men increasing by 2,000 and the number of unemployed women by 1,000.

The increase in February was greatest in North Jutland - from 6.1 to 6.4 per cent, while Copenhagen remained at a stable 7.6 per cent.

“Europe is not out of the economic crisis yet, and that shows up in our own unemployment figures,” Employment Minister Mette Frederiksen tells TV2News.

She added that she hoped the government’s economic kick-start would soon have an effect on unemployment figures.

“It will be working now and with it we are creating private jobs - among other areas in the construction industry, and we hope this will be reflected in the unemployment figures,” she says.

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