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Train derails and stops services

An S-train has derailed at Nordhavn Station and stopped services in Copenhagen

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Train services between Østerport and Svanemøllen stations in Copenhagen will not be back to normal until Wednesday following a derailment at Nordhavn Station, Banedanmark tells Ritzau.

Buses will now be running between the stations.

According to Banedanmark the derailment happened when a crane dropped a section of rails onto the tracks.

“Everyone was evacuated. One person complained of neck pains and an ambulance was called,” Section Head Claus Christiansen of Banedanmark tells ritzau.

The rest of the passengers on the train were evacuated.

Railway services are currently as follows:

  • The Øresundstog trains are not in service between the Copenhagen H terminus and Hellerup.
  • No S-trains between Østerport and Svanemøllen. Buses are servicing the route.
  • S-trains are working between Copenhagen H and Østerport and with buses operating between Østerport and Svanemøllen.
  • S-trains between Svanemøllen and Hellerup
  • Øresundstog trains between Hellerup and Elsinore/Helsingør every 20 minutes.

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