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Denmark offers 20 Syria observers

Søvndal says yes to the UN

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Denmark is prepared to send 20 unarmed observers to a United Nations observer mission in Syria, according to the Defence Ministry.

“Initially the United Nations will be able to draw on up to 10 Danish observers who are already in the region,” the defence ministry says adding that it will be working to provide a further 10 Danish observers.

“We have been urging the United Nations Security Council for some time to act. This they did last week with a unanimous decision to send observers to Syria,” says Foreign Minister Villy Søvndal.

“Now that the UN has asked Denmark to contribute to the observer mission it’s clear we have said yes without hesitation,” Søvndal continues.

Denmark currently has 10 envoys with the United Nations Truce Supervision Organisation which operates in Syria, Jordan, Israel/Jerusalem and Lebanon and it is these 10 that Denmark will immediately be putting at the disposal of the United Nations Syria mission.

“The object of the mission is primarily to observe and confirm that the violence stops. We are intent on keeping the Syrian government to the ceasefire promises it has made to the United Nations,” says Defence Minister Nick Hækkerup.

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