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Analysis: 19 risky banks

Analysis: Some 20% of Danish banks are in a risk zone and customers should consider changing.

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Some 19 Danish banks were in such a precarious condition at the beginning of the year that customers and investors should be keeping a wary eye on them, according to an analysis of 91 Danish and Faeroese banks from Niro Invest.

The analysis lists banks and financial institutions depending on a 19-factor risk evaluation based on 2011 accounts, with the banks with the largest numbers being seen as the most risky.

“It is unlikely that several of them will be able to continue as independent banks,” says Nicholas Rohde of Niro Invest. “The 19 banks concerned have an index value of over 475,” he adds.

Six banks, which were seen as the most risky in the 2010 and 2009 analyses, have now been liquidated by the state’s Financial Stability institution.

The most risky

  • 91. Aarhus Lokalbank (after New Year merged with Vestjysk Bank)
  • 90. Basisbank
  • 89. Andelskassen J.A.K Slagelse
  • 88. Sparekassen Farsø (taken over by Den Jyske Sparekasse)
  • 87. Sparekassen Limfjorden

The safest

  • 1. Langå Sparekasse
  • 2. Dragsholm Sparekasse
  • 3. Pensam Bank
  • 4. Rønde og Omegns Sparekasse
  • 5. Svendborg Sparekasse

Where are the biggest banks on the list?

  • 36. Danske Bank
  • 31. Nordea
  • 28. Sydbank
  • 27. Lån & Spar Bank
  • 22. Jyske Bank
  • 13. Spar Nord Bank

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