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POLL: Confidence in Thorning-Schmidt dips

Only 30 per cent of the electorate believe that Helle Thorning-Schmidt is the best party leader to lead the country.

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Under a third of the electorate believes that Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt is the best candidate for prime minister after the next election, whereas 50 per cent point to the Liberal leader Lars Løkke Rasmussen, according to a Gallup poll for Berlingske.

The paper says that the difference in confidence between the two has never been greater in a Gallup poll.

Social Democratic Political Spokesman Magnus Heunicke says the reason for the poll result is that it is much more difficult to be a government leader than an opposition leader in times of crisis.

“We have to carry out reforms in order to create jobs, but that also means having to take unpopular decisions. I think we will see a different result when the economy turns,” Heunicke tells the newspaper and rejects the argument that the electorate is punishing Helle Thorning-Schmidt as a result of the debate about broken promises.

According to the poll, voters believe Løkke Rasmussen has the best leadership qualities and would be best at guiding the country through a crisis. On the other hand, a majority feel that Thorning-Schmidt has the best welfare policy and is best at representing Denmark abroad.

Liberal Political Spokeswoman Ellen Trane Nørby says the poll result is ‘logical’.

“The recovery programme and retirement reforms may have been unpopular. Thorning’s campaign statements that it was unnecessary sounded much more attractive. But the Danes would much rather have a prime minister who leads with honesty and credibility,” Trane Nørby says.

The poll comes in the wake of an opinion poll for TV2 and Politiken showing the worst ever Megafon poll for the Social Democrats. The poll showed the Social Democratic Party on a meagre 16.9 per cent if an election were held now.

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