Four guilty of terrorism

The Glostrup Court has found four men guilty of terrorism.

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The Municipal Court in Glostrup has returned a unanimous guilty verdict on four men from Sweden on charges of terrorism and attempted terrorism, and has sentenced each of them to 12 years in prison.

The court found that Sahbi ben Mohamed Zalouti, Mounir ben Mohamed Dhahri, Munir Awad and Omar Abdalla Aboelazm should have equal sentences.

The prosecution had called for differentiated sentences of between 14 and 16 years in prison for members of the group.

The court found it proven that the group of four drove from Stockholm to Copenhagen on December 28, 2010, bringing weapons, ammunition, plastic handcuff strips and ammunition with them. One of their number – SZ - left the vehicle while it was still in Sweden, but was later extradited to Denmark to face charges.

Court President Katrine B.B. Eriksen said the court found it “proven that they intended to kill”.

According to’s reporter in court, there was no reaction from the four accused, two of whom were in restraining belts, as the verdict was read out.

Eriksen said the four had been found ‘not guilty’ on two charges of weapons possession on technical grounds, but the secondary verdict on weapons possession would not influence sentencing, which is due later in the day.

The court found it proven that although SZ left the vehicle while on its way to Denmark and returned to Stockholm, he had been actively involved in plans to commit terrorism.

According to the prosecution the group’s plan was to enter the JP/Politikens Hus building on Town Hall Square in Copenhagen with a silenced machine gun, a pistol and 200 plastic strips to be used to handcuff employees.

The group was then to kill as many people as possible. If the group was unable to get into the publishing house, it was to break into a random house and kill as many as possible.

It was on December 29, 010 that the Danish Security and Intelligence Agency arrested three of the group in an apartment in Herlev, while the fourth was arrested in Stockholm.

Three of those arrested have Swedish nationality while the fourth holds a Tunisian passport.

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