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Nunaminerals finds more gold in Greenland

Mining company announces likelihood of a major gold find in Greenland.

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Nunaminerals has announced it has discovered what it calls a strong gold mineralisation belt at Jokum’s Shear near Nanortalik.

“This is an exciting development of our South Greenland gold projects. Earlier this year, our initial drilling program at Vagar Gold Project was very successful…” Nunaminerals CEO Ole Christiansen says in a Stock Exchange announcement.

“Now, the identification of gold within igneous rocks 90 km further to the northeast within the same gold province confirms our expectation that we are within a significant and poorly explored gold belt” Christiansen adds.

The Stock Exchange announcement says that Jokum’s Shear has previously been covered by a local glacier, which has retreated making the area accessible.

Nunaminerals says that the zone appears to be the same structure holding the Kangerluluk Gold Project a further 25 km to the northeast “increasing the prospectivity of the region considerably”.

The company, which is headquartered in the Greenland capital Nuuk, adds that Greenland’s geology has similarities with that of mining countries such as Canada, South Africa and Australia, each of which have substantial mineral deposits of gold, platinum, nickel and copper.

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