“We will be abstaining," says Liberal Political Spokesman Peter Christensen.
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“We will be abstaining," says Liberal Political Spokesman Peter Christensen.

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Liberals abstain on jobs

But still believe agreement on the budget may be possible.

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The Liberal Party has decided to abstain in a parliamentary vote on the government’s acute job package.

“We will be abstaining. We still don’t have an answer as to how jobs will be provided for the many unemployed people,” says Liberal Finance Spokesman Peter Christensen, who does not believe that the government’s plans will provide jobs for those due to drop out of the unemployment benefit system in 2013.

“We want to focus on creating real jobs, but the government has not answered us. The question is how to get the economy going so that we create more jobs,” he adds.

The government’s proposal, which it claims will create some 12,500 jobs, is due to be voted on later this afternoon. A comfortable majority, composed of the tri-partite government, the Red Greens and the Danish People’s Party, is due to vote in favour of the Bill.

While the Liberals do not believe the Bill will have any adverse effects, the party does not believe it will actually create jobs – only job opportunities.

“Shabby,” says Social Democratic Political Spokesman Magnus Heunicke.

“They’ve chosen shabby tactics rather than helping people who are in a serious situation,” Heunicke says.

The Liberal Party is due at the negotiating table with Social Democratic Finance Minister Bjarne Corydon this afternoon. Asked whether the government and the Liberals are closer to reaching agreement on the 2013 budget, Christensen says he has his doubts.

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