PET withheld man’s alibi

A video recording, seemingly giving a man accused of terrorist arson an alibi, has only now been released.

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The Danish Security and Intelligence Service (PET) has apparently withheld a surveillance video for 14 months which could provide an alibi for a man accused in a terrorism case.

The case involves five young men who have been charged with arson under the anti-terrorism statute.

“I only received the information on Friday, just before the main hearing was due to begin,” says Hanne Reumert, counsel for the man in question.

The video footage is said to show that the man did not leave his home by the back door in April 2011, when an arson attack took place against the Greek embassy.

The man cannot thus have sneaked out the back door on the evening and night in question, in order to avoid being seen by PET agents who were staking out his front door.

The man and his four co-defendants are accused of starting the fire.

“We informed the defence attorney, as we should, as soon as it came to our attention,” says Deputy Public Prosecutor Bo Bjerregaard.

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Edited by Julian Isherwood

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